Post Judgement
We provides post judgment collection services. This includes securitizing, garnishments, attachments and levies.

For over 35 years, we have specialized in handling Accounts Receivable Management Services. We understand the collections business from outsourced billing and debt recovery through litigation needs and post judgment remedies. Our team is always here for you.

We understand the value that your customer relationships means to your company. We treat all customers with professionalism and offer solutions that work to enhance your cash flow. We represent your company the way that you would represent your company. We simplify Accounts Receivable Management.

Receivables Recovery
We develop a collections management process that is tailored uniquely to your customer base. From initial customer contact, developing payment options through automatic payment plans.

And remember, no recovery, no fee!

Professional Debt Collections

Legal & Litigation
We provides legal and litigation services throughout all fifty States through our legal network.

Billing Outsourcing
We provide turnkey services for managing the billing process. From initial invoicing, courtesy letters at pre-determined points of contacts, courtesy telephone payment reminders through payment processing and reporting. We use your billing format, your logos and even answer the phones with your company name.